Top 3 reasons not to do your sprinkler system spring startup and winterization yourself

We live in a DIY culture. Educational websites like Instructables and Lifehacker are all over the web, encouraging people to do just about everything themselves, with step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is visit YouTube and type in “How to. . .” and you’ll get plenty of predictive text suggesting what YouTube thinks you might be searching for.

While DIY websites and videos might be totally fine for things like how to clean your grill or how to tie a bowtie, we strongly advise against trying to do a spring startup and/or winterization on your irrigation system yourself. This is the kind of thing that should be left up to professionals like Conserva Irrigation, and here’s why.

1) What you don’t know can hurt you. Especially in the wallet.

Whether you turn on your Minneapolis irrigation system correctly or not, there could be some serious damage to the system thanks to our harsh winters. Freezing happens often, which causes things in your sprinkler system to break and other damage. Not being able to identify problems that the winter may have caused to your system and fixing it promptly can definitely cause more damage. Not knowing the extent of damage, or being completely unaware of any can certainly drain the pipes and your wallet by pouring water into the earth. This raises your water bill, not to mention could cause even more serious issues later if not caught early.

2) Not properly winterizing your system may mean needing a new one in the spring.

This is tied into the reason above. To successfully prepare your Minneapolis sprinkler system for winter, you need to have a professional irrigation technician properly blowout and winterize your system. A winterization is much more than just blowing the air out of an irrigation system. There are many safety and quality checks and steps involved that nonprofessionals can easily overlook or simply not do correctly. And if your system isn’t properly winterized, it could very well freeze over the winter, which would require a partial or even compete irrigation system replacement. It’s simply not worth the risk.

3) Your Minneapolis sprinkler system needs a checkup, anyway.

Your irrigation system is an investment you make in your home to increase its equity and into your lawn and landscape to make it more beautiful. Any breaks or inefficiencies in your irrigation system will not only be costly from a water perspective but costly if those issues are killing your lawn and landscape. It’s important to get your system checked up once a year, which is why Conserva Irrigation offers homeowners a FREE 12-point irrigation system inspection ($150 value) with no obligation. We’ll check everything on your system and let you know if it needs any repairs or other special attention, and give it a Systems Efficiency Score (SES) of 1-100. If we recommend any repairs, we’ll list them in writing while providing fixed-rate pricing, and can perform any repairs on the same visit. Your irrigation system might not need repairs, and it might already be working at its optimum efficiency, but do you really know? Give Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities a call at 763-434-5414 to schedule your FREE inspection today. You’ve got nothing to lose, and peace of mind to gain!

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