In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, our water won’t last forever

According to this recent article in the Star Tribune, figuratively oceans of water are being used without anyone even knowing it. Some residents of Roseville MN were recently sent water bills that were as much as 10 times higher than previous bills. Outraged, they did research and found out that the mistake was in all their past bills and not in the super high current bill. How does this happen? Some of this is infrastructure. Water meters are aged and suffer from accuracy degradation. Another culprit is the use of cheap irrigation systems that overwater and spew water unnecessarily through poor quality fixtures and broken parts.

This is why we’re passionate about helping Twin Cities homeowners save water used for irrigation through the use of Toro quality irrigation smart EVOLUTION® controllers.

In one of our recent inspections, our ground audits confirmed there are a tremendous number of leaking irrigation system parts. In the picture above, the homeowners didn’t even know this head was leaking because the spray pattern looked as if it was working correctly. Take a look at the way the leak in the head is dumping water out of the lower end of this particular head. This same system had other problems that the owners were unaware of.

If you have an existing irrigation system, your city may already have a rebate program for upgrading your irrigation system controller. Conserva can help with that process.

If you are concerned about how much water you may be wasting, and you live in the Twin Cities area, give us a call for a System Efficiency Evaluation. It’s not just about saving money used for irrigation, it’s also about saving water in our rich land of 10,000 lakes. Give us a call now for your free system evaluation: (763) 434-5414. We look forward to your call.

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