It’s Spring! Turn your Minneapolis Sprinkler On with the Professionals

Let your Sprinkler Caretakers Handle It

Your irrigation system is an investment. It’s a significant amenity in your home. You want to make sure that when it is started up for the season that it’s started up right. You absolutely should call an expert for this task.

Here’s what your professional summer-ization includes:

  • Turn on your system controller
  • Program controller to conserve water and optimize root development
  • Test rain sensors and other sensors
  • Inspect and adjust all heads
  • Complete a free 12-point system analysis
  • Flag all problem areas and provide report to you

Take a look at what the professionals at Conserva Irrigation found when helping our Twin City area residents winterize their irrigation systems last year:

While this problem is apparent, many problems are not apparent. Line leaks often are small and drip water needlessly into your yard and into the environment. This could cause your landscaping to fail to thrive this year. For only $195, you can have your system professionally started and also inspected to make sure the entire system is in good working order for the season.

Sprinkler Inspection

During the winter months, your Minneapolis sprinkler system can be put through a lot. From freezing lines to broken sprinkler heads, Conserva Irrigation will find any inefficencies that might be slowing down your system and wasting both water and money with a free sprinkler inspection. Running a test of each zone and checking over every sprinkler head, we will report to you a System Efficiency Score and explain all necessary repairs we may have found.

Sprinkler Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades

Conserva Irrigation is your best choice for sprinkler repairs, mainteannace and upgrades. If your current irrigation system is working with a few setbacks on sprinkler heads or technology, we’ve got you covered. During the maintenance and upgrades we will adjust sprinkler heads, reprogram your system, replace an outdated controller and add or replace rain and soil sensors to make sure your current system is running as efficiently as it can.

Give Conserva Irrigation of the Twin Cities a call at 763-434-5414 to get on the schedule for a sprinkler summerization! We look forward to working with you.

Examples of what we found in the field last year around the Minneapolis area:

Trust that the Conserva team member visiting your home will be a uniformed professional. Professionalism is one of our 3 core values. It’s important to use because we know it’s important to you.

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